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I Love collecting!

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I Love collecting!

Some people collect stamps and some glass objects. 

I know many who have  to have a number of classic

cars.My thing is West African artifacts that can include 

masks, beautiful craved figures and Benin Bronzes.

If you didn’t know, this subject is huge.just when You thought you learnt enough something else will excite you, pull you in different directions .The pure beauty and craftsmanship would be more than needed to take your 

breath away .Discoveries of rituals and powerful meanings

behind hundreds of years of traditions leave one in wonder.

I couldn’t hope to discuss the whole subject in full in this

short blog, but I will give my top 5 Masks and hope this gives you a window into my passion.


1)Fang Mask 


2)Many eyed mask  
Kru (Ivory Coast)

3)Mende Mask

(Sierra Leone)

4)Elephant Mask 


5)Kwele Mask


(Ivory Coast)








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I Love collecting!