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The Vintage French Farmhouse BBC1

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The Vintage French Farmhouse BBC1

 Had the pleasure of  appearing on The Vintage French Farmhouse hit the screens on BBC1 in October 2023.Guilt free Tv from the makers of The bidding room and The Repair Shop.Fun show which is  pure escapism showing possibilities of buying and selling in the beautiful setting of Provenance south France.

The show works 

Each week three antiques dealers will be based at the vintage French farmhouse 

dealers vist local markets and Brocantes  and buy objects they feel could make a profit on.Then comes the easy bit we have 24 hours to sell the items.

whoever makes the most profit from their sales wins the day.

For me it was a  home from home the weather was superb and the food was 

lovely.I can describe my filming as enjoyably hard work and the fellow dealers 

I worked with were a scream.Ian Humphries and Viki Knott

we shopped in fantastic settings of Occitanie region the town of Pezenas.

You can catch up with all the shows on BBC1 iplayer

Moses Otunla appears on Series 1 Episode 2

                                          Series  1Episode 6

                                          Series  1Episode 10

                                          Series  1Episode  12

                                          Series  1Episode  17


The Vintage French Farmhouse Team list

Moses Otunla

Viki       Knott

Ian        Humphries

Adi        Higham

James   Gooch 

Jacqui   Harris

Jo          Robert

Harry     Khwaja

Melissa  Drabble

Lucy      Ryder  

Jon       Swanston






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