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Bleu Hire&Interiors

Bleu Hire&Interiors

We have spent many years traveling the world to find objects of desire, looking for function and form.

Dealing mainly in design from 1920s to 1970s , it has been both pleasure and pain to craft 

together constant collections of beautiful sellable items.

We now have  also built up a number of  completed projects working with sometimes difficult interiors and tight budgets.This has challenged us to work hard with sustainable materials in stylish modes.

We now offer a staging interior service where we will dress your property giving it the best 

possible chance for sale or rent.

Please give us a call and we can chat about the service we can provide.






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The bidding Room

The bidding Room

Finding something you love and something you can earn enough to put clothes on your back, food on the table with good shelter to lie in, is hard, but I feel gratitude  to have reached this point.

I’ve never been afraid to try new things that lead to new adventures. I was not sure how it would turn out but was willing to take a big leap of faith and put in appearances on a new TV show on BBC 1 The Bidding Room. Series One, originally went out on air  during Uk’s first lockdown last year and was received very well.

Another  25 episodes  were re commissioned, showing from 4/1/2021 at 4.30pm every day BBC1 Series One repeats showing on Wednesdays 7.30pm.

You head down a road and never know where it’s going to lead, it was a fun filled show and the experience  allowed me to push myself.

What happens on the The bidding Room

Before the participants face the five dealers, they first speak to expert auctioneer Simon Bower. Simon values their items and advises them what to highlight and emphasise to the bidders in order to get the most money from them. There are many dealers that feature on the show, and each participant faces five at a time. The dealers are James Broad, Adi Higham, Lucy Ryder Richardson,Ian Humphries, James Gooch, Jane Cave, Natasha Francis and myself Moses Otunla.

New blood on Series 2 

Melissa Dowhill

Estelle Bilson 

Sam Evans

After Meeting Simon and Nigel Havers armed with the  knowledge about their items, the participant  is ready to enter The bidding room.

If you get a  chance, have a watch of some guilt free TV.             

   Also if you miss a episode there is always iPlayer.












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I Love collecting!

I Love collecting!

Some people collect stamps and some glass objects. 

I know many who have  to have a number of classic

cars.My thing is West African artifacts that can include 

masks, beautiful craved figures and Benin Bronzes.

If you didn’t know, this subject is huge.just when You thought you learnt enough something else will excite you, pull you in different directions .The pure beauty and craftsmanship would be more than needed to take your 

breath away .Discoveries of rituals and powerful meanings

behind hundreds of years of traditions leave one in wonder.

I couldn’t hope to discuss the whole subject in full in this

short blog, but I will give my top 5 Masks and hope this gives you a window into my passion.


1)Fang Mask 


2)Many eyed mask  
Kru (Ivory Coast)

3)Mende Mask

(Sierra Leone)

4)Elephant Mask 


5)Kwele Mask


(Ivory Coast)








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